The realtor’s job is to act as a middleman between the buyer and seller. They focus on helping sellers who wish to sell find buyers that want to buy. When they look at the value of a property, they look at it from an investment perspective. They look to the future to show value to the buyer. They find value in the marketplace, and future capacity of the marketplace. Realtors are tuned into what is happening in the market with an eye to upcoming and pending transactions.


Appraisers, on the other hand, can only look at transactions that have been completed, and are in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) The appraiser’s job is to provide their professional opinion of the current market value of the property. An appraisal order is triggered by the lender. The appraisal is referenced by all parties involved, but its main function is to establish value of the property which is used in determining and confirming the loan amount provided by the lender. The appraiser is restricted to only look at concrete, available and accurate information to make their evaluation. This does not take into consideration possible future values.

To review, appraisers use information and comparables from the recent past and present to determine the overall value of the property, whereas the realtor reference current market trends and look to the future to provide a prospective value of the home.

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